Tony Bartone Yoga Website

My friend Tony is a fantastic person, as well as a phenomenal yoga teacher! We started working on his website back in January, and it was kind of a lazy work in progress for the both of us. One of those things you work on once in a while during the rare moments when there’s nothing else on your to-do list. Well, we finally are finished, live, up and running. I love this site, I think it will help Tony get to the next level of professional awesomeness.

Love you Tony!

Check it out…

Going Live with CampLink

This is the debut of my newest web design project, CampLink. I built the site in WordPress, which I am really enamored with at the moment. CampLink is the free summer camp referral service run by people who go to summer camp. “We know camp because we go to camp.” These are not camp moms, these guys really know their stuff. One of my old professors connected me with Cory and Frank, the guys who run CampLink. They are a ton of fun and also really great clients. It’s been great working with them and I hope we can collaborate more in the future!

Click here to visit CampLink, and check out their Facebook page.