You Better Belize It

I’m so corny, but so is every item in the touristy stores of Belize…


“Don’t Stop Belizing!”

“What We Belize In”

“Belize Me…”

Should I stop?

July is vacation time. Stuart and I decided to go to Belize this year. We knew we wanted to go somewhere in or around Central America, where the flight would not be more than 6 hours, because Stuart could only get away for 4 days. We also knew, as vegans, that we had to be aware that certain countries or areas would not cater to us! After an unsuccessful search for a travel agent, and a couple of hours on the internet, we found just the place for us. Orchid Garden Eco-Village has vegetarian and vegan food options! We found our place!

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Welcome to the new True Bistro

True Bistro Boston

True Bistro is Boston’s premiere vegan fine dining destination. I have been working here as a server since we opened in November, 2010. For the past few months I’ve also been working on redesigning the True Bistro website. After lots of hard work and many late night photo shoots, we did it! I made the newly designed True Bistro site live this morning. We’re all very excited to finally have it up and running. Enjoy, and we’ll see you there!

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Off to Alma’s

Hi all,

Yesterday was so peaceful! Work was nice, not a ton of kids came to school yesterday, and I was working with the 4-5 year olds. We practiced the Macarena yet again. After work Keely and I went to the Muizenberg beach. We took a leisurely stroll and collected shells. We stopped at a surf store and inquired about lessons. We asked if they could give us a photo line up of all of the instructors. I don’t think they got the joke, but we’re going surfing tomorrow afternoon! It’s going to be immensely embarrassing, and super fun.

Going to the beach again reminded me of a story I forgot to tell you last time we went to the beach. Alex and I were petting this golden retriever puppy and talking to his 9 year old owner. As we’re walking away the boy’s dad says to him, “You’re supposed to get their numbers!”

School today was hilarious. I was working with the 4-5 year olds again, and one girl asked me if I wanted to eat porridge with them in the morning. I told her I had already eaten breakfast, cereal and toast. She gasps, “What are you, fat?!” hahaha. So I happen to look in the next classroom and I see all the kids are literally covered in paint. Their teacher was having them paint plastic bins for the garden we’re starting. Things got out of hand and when I got to their class they were all throwing paint and painting eachother’s faces, there was paint all over the floor and the walls, it was hilarious. The teacher asked me to take photos, which you can see by going to my Flickr. For those loyal readers, I’ve tracked down Mario! It wasn’t even hard, actually. I noticed the primary school kids outside at gym class and I asked one of our teachers who was teaching them. She told me it was Mario! I told her my whole story with the jewelery store guy and the DVD of Mario and the Rude Boys. She told me she would introduce me sometime, can’t wait, he’s practically famous.

Just chilled and edited photos after work. We’re about to walk down to Alma’s for veggie burgers and live music, nom.


Hi all,

So I’m definitely in a food coma at the moment. I’ll explain later. I may fall asleep/die while typing, apologies.

Thursday was ehh. I brought sea shells to school and the kids decorated them and drew faces on them. I met with the principal to talk about graphic design stuff and she was telling me some stories about some of the kids and how they got here, so sad. These kids have been through so much and they’re so young, it’s terrible. Keely and Alex and I got this Brittany Murphy movie, Abandoned. This is horrible to say but I think this was her last movie before she died because she looks horrid, and before the credits it says “in memory of Brittany Murphy.” What a terrible movie.

Friday was so strange. I threw up in the morning right before we left for work and I was freaking out because everyone in the house is either really sick vomiting all day or they’re coughing their lungs out. I stayed home from work, I didn’t want to get worse and be puking at school all day and get the kids sick. It just must have been a weird breakfast or I took my vitamins too soon after I ate because after I puked once I was fine. Weird! I felt a lot better in the afternoon, I basically slept all day, so that night Lou, Sam, Jen, Rachel, and I went out, because it was Rachel and Jen’s last night!! So sad 🙁 We ate at Bombay Bicycle Club, the oldest gentleman’s club in the world turned restaurant. What a cool fucking place. One of the tables had swings you could sit at instead of chairs. Then we went to Crew, this gay bar in the city. All of the bartenders didn’t have shirts on and were only wearing teeny tiny gold metallic booty shorts. It was wonderful. The DJ was insane and amazing and it was definitely the best club I’ve been to in Cape Town so far, amazing music, and we didn’t get hit on all night!!! They’re having a Christmas in July party next weekend, too bad Keely and I will be in Johannesburg sleeping in a fucking tree house. As we were outside waiting for our taxi to go to Long Street, there was this guy trying to convince us to take his taxi instead. He was a sketchball named Kenneth and he was offering us all sorts of crazy drugs. I kept telling him, “Hugs not drugs Kenny!” He wouldn’t leave us alone and then Rachel lost her earring and she went back into Crew and actually found it on that floor! That shit never happens. This guy Alfred comes to pick us up, what a sweetheart. We get to Long Street and eat at Nando’s (best veggie burger in Cape Town I’ve had so far, and that’s a fast food place!) and then we decided that we were too tired to do Long Street and had Alfred come back to get us and then he sang us a beautiful song on our way home.

This morning was a little scary. I was awoken at like 6 am by a woman screaming for help. Our security guard went to see what was going on and this girl was walking down our street and this car pulled up and robbed her at gunpoint. I feel pretty safe here but that really freaked me out. This happened on our street, a few houses down.

I just got back from Biscuit Mill a little while ago. Holy shit. This was like foodie hipster heaven. I can’t even really explain, it was like a food festival/market thing where you could literally get any kind of food you wanted. I got an amazing veggie wrap, a smoothie, gingerbread cookies, a samoosa, a lemon tart, and a passion fruit cake. (I haven’t eaten it all yet, I’m not that fat.) On the other side they have boutiquey clothing and I got this really cool sweatshirt. They have this photography store and my jaw dropped when I walked in the door. They had all these alternative cameras (Holga, Diana, etc) and all of the attachments you could imagine. They had incredible photo books and photographs I wish I had a million dollars.

The new group of volunteers are coming today! I’ve met a few of them but they’re pretty dead to the world/jet lagged but they all seem nice! There’s only one guy coming in this group and the rest are all girls. There are going to be 30 people in the house, only 4 of them are guys, really imbalanced.