Charlotte Hyland


London Calling

Hi all! so I got to London at 10am and my flight to Cape Town doesn’t leave until 7:30, so I went exploring. I took the express train to Paddington station and started walking around. I hadn’t eaten anything so I went to this cafe on a side street for a bagel. It was just me and the lady working there so I asked her where I should go and how I would go about getting there. Her name was Asma, and she got so excited when she found out I had never been to London before. She insisted on giving me her bus pass to go down to the London Eye, and then when she got out of work at 3 we would go out and she would show me around a little bit before I had to go back to the airport. So I get on the bus and the driver is really nice, telling me where to go and which bus to take back to the cafe. I think I went to Westminster Abbey, and there was a bunch of other stuff, but I really had no idea where I was. So I take a taxi back to the cafe because the buses were taking forever, and the cafe is packed! I told Asma I probably wouldn’t be able to wait for her to get out of work so she could show me around. I came back to give her her bus pass back and i fucking lost it! OMG I went through my purse 1,000 times and it wasn’t there and I felt horrible and she was freaking out because that was her bus pass for the month and it cost her 60 pounds. I gave her roughly 60 pounds and I left. I feel like such a shit head I can’t believe I lost her bus pass after she had been such a nice lady! So then I ate edamame in some giraffe restaurant and I only have internets for 20 minutes so I’m going to go now bye <3