Charlotte Hyland

My Favorite Podcasts – Just in Case You Care

I dove into the world of podcasts a couple of years ago, ever since my commute to and from work have been much less boring. Here are some of my favorites.

Alt Latino

I love Latin music, and this NPR podcast helps me discover some awesome artists that I probably would not have found otherwise. There is a different theme every week and they have such a great variety of songs across different Latin cultures and genres. Here is one of my favorite episodes: Grown and Sexy Mixtape.

The Rachel Maddow Show

My boyfriend and I only have basic cable, and I don’t always have time to sit and watch the news. I really appreciate that they make a podcast out of the Rachel Maddow show. This is how I know what’s going on in the world. I always listen to the previous night’s episode on my way to work every morning. Rachel is smart, funny, and kind of my liberal lady hero.

The Read

I love how Crissle and Kid Fury tell it like it is in their podcast The Read. Most episodes are broken up into three parts. Part one is the pop culture current events. I am normally not very interested in celebrity gossip and I don’t know who most of the people they’re talking about are, but they are so funny I just can’t skip this part. Part Two is listener questions, where they give advice to a few listener emails who are usually going through some pretty crazy relationship stuff. The third and best part of this podcast are when Crissle and Kid Fury each share their frustrations and cuss out whoever and whatever is being a horrible contribution to society that week. Never has a show made me laugh so hard and cry just as hard in the same episode. Kid Fury and Crissle are so smart, hilarious, and won’t take BS from anyone. It has been especially interesting to get their point of view on all of the crazy racist events that have been going on in our country recently/forever. Every episode is amazing so I would just visit their website and subscribe.

If I Were You

This is the only advice podcast on the internet hosted by comedians Jake and Amir from College Humor. Their tagline ensures you that they do not have any other advice podcast that they’re hiding from you. I think I may be getting a little old to listen to this one, but it’s funny. Lots of bros emailing and asking questions about how they can score more girls on Tinder, or get away with cheating on their girlfriends. Jake and Amir always cuss out the bad guys, and sometimes, you’ll hear some genuinely good advice! I love when they have guests like Ben Schwartz and Thomas Middleditch. Here’s one of my favorite episodes, the first date question is pretty funny: Episode 40 – Sugar Daddy.

Mystery Show

This is the new podcast that just about everyone is listening to. Starlee Kline solving life’s little mysteries. I love the concept, but only like what I’ve heard so far. She has helped friends figure out what happened to the bustling video store that mysteriously closed down & cleared out 24 hours later, how Britney Spears got her hands on a particular book, and finding the owner of a very intricate belt buckle many years later. The belt buckle episode has been my favorite so far. My boyfriend is a chef and we’re involved in the restaurant industry so it was awesome to hear Starlee Kline track down elderly chef Hans Jordy through friends and acquaintances to return his belt buckle to him. I’m hoping for more episodes like this one! Listen to Case #3 Belt Buckle.

Love + Radio

Love + Radio is racy and fascinating. I can’t explain how they do it, but this show is a bit spooky and I love it. Many episodes are just interviews with very interesting people. I like when the interviews are edited in such a way that you don’t hear the question, just the answer, and you use the context of the answer to figure out what the question was. My favorite episode is the Living Room. Ghost Stories is pretty good too.