Charlotte Hyland

Time Planner App Review

I’m pretty late to the online calendar party, but I now say that I’m quite enthusiastic about it! I don’t like the default Calendar app with IOS, and went searching for a calendar app that would work for me. I found Time Planner, and have been using it religiously ever since!

Time Planner is a gorgeous app, where you can categorize your calendar items. The premium version of this plugin is worth the money, being able to create my own categories was key. I have categories for my different jobs, fitness, social time, volunteering time, me time, etc.

The flagship feature of Time Planner is to learn to manage your time better. When you set a start and end time, the app expects you to stick to it, and also has you put in the actual start and end time when you’re done with a particular event. Once you’ve done this enough times, the app gives you stats on how you’re managing your time, if you’re completing tasks when you planned to, that sort of thing. I can’t say that I’ve found this feature so relevant to me. But I only use this app for meetings and appointments and work, I don’t use it for making myself sit down and try out a new hobby, or work on a personal project. I really should start doing that!

I love Time Planner, and am looking forward to a long, organized future with it!