Charlotte Hyland

Jessica Christin

Jessica Christin, a friend of a friend, needed a website for her budding health coaching services. She has a ton of really amazing healthy and delicious recipes that she wanted to share on her site, as well as advice and tips she wanted to share via a blog. After designing her logo, and moving onto her website project, I knew WordPress would be a great platform for her new site. We found a theme on Themeforest that we both liked, and got to work!

Adding recipes definitely took the most time, and I really loved how Jessica banded together a team of her friends with various skills to help her complete the site! She had someone taking photographs, another helping her writing content, and of course, me, building the site. I thought this was a great way to go about working on this project, it was a very collaborative effort. The site turned out great, and I wish Jessica the best of luck with her growing career in health coaching! She definitely got started on the right track by building an effective website. Click here to visit Jessica Christin’s site to learn more about her services.