Charlotte Hyland


ommwriterI’m writing this post using Ommwriter. For you minimalists out there, or those who just appreciate a clean, beautiful program that helps with productivity when writing, try Ommwriter. This program offers a full screen writing experience, with few distractions! The “tool box” only shows up when you hover over it. You have a choice of 3 different backgrounds, pure white, medium gray, and a white/gray with a sparse tree landscape. Ommwriter also comes with different chill music choices to accompany you while working. I swear, if I had this program in college, I would have finished my papers a lot faster, and would have spent a lot less time on Facebook!

The tool box and options only show when you move your mouse around, while you’re typing, they’re hidden. You can adjust the size of the text box you’re working in, a nice feature, no necessary for my needs, but I’m sure it’s useful for others. It took me a couple of tries to figure out what some of the icons in the tool box meant. Still not sure what the keyboard icon does, exactly. If I don’t use Ommwriter for an extended period, I have to review and test each icon to remind myself what is what. I would recommend that maybe in future updates, they make the icons more recognizable. Other than that, Ommwriter is it for me! I’ve seen other full screen distraction free writing programs before, but this is by far my favorite. Some other programs have black backgrounds with white text, which is not the best for reading, especially large amounts of text. That’s like Typography 101. Ommwriter has helped me look forward to writing blog posts. Not only does it help me be more efficient and productive, I look forward to using the program because I love the design and the experience of using it is quite calming. Put the world wide everywhere aside for a couple of moments, and try Ommwriter.

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