Charlotte Hyland

Back It Up

I got really worried about losing my emails the day that I actually lost one. I am very obsessive about keeping my inbox uncluttered. For instance, I know the maximum amount of emails I can have in my inbox before the fold starts is 16. The folders I move the emails to are hidden, so honestly, I forget about them sometimes. When I remember them, I go on a rampage. Deleting emails older than 6 months old. Then one day recently I realized I deleted the receipt for my new laptop. I need that for my taxes! I had to go through more trouble than you would think to get Apple to send me a new receipt. Enough was enough, I knew I needed to start backing up my emails. I know Google and Gmail aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but one can never be too careful.

My research brought me to the BackUp Gmail app in the App Store. For only $1.99, I now have peace of mind. I don’t even have to remember to back up my emails! BackUp Gmail runs in the background, and you can automate the backups to hourly or daily, and even set the time to start the backup! The developer says, lightweight, silent, reliable. This couldn’t be more true.

Now, I have to worry about backing up my backup…

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